BioSonics Visual Acquisition Software with VisAcq AutoTrack

Be sure you have tBioSonics_VisualAcquisition_Logo_RGBhe latest version of Visual Acquisition, BioSonics data acquisition and playback software.  Take advantage of key upgrades and important new functionality!

VisAcq AutoTrack is a standard feature within Visual Acquisition 6.2 – that’s right, it’s FREE – NO LICENSE KEY REQUIRED!

VisAcq 6.2 Launch Sceernshot VAAT


As a reminder, VisAcq AutoTrack works as a real-time processing tool that automatically builds and records fish track lists.

At the end of a mobile survey, your data processing work is essentially completed. All that’s left to do is open a CSV file and extract the information you need. It’s that easy and best of all, it’s automatic…and no further analysis or additional software is required to obtain usable information for fisheries management.

Using VisAcq AutoTrack is simple, just configure echo and track detection parameters and collect data as usual. You can literally walk off the boat with data processing completed and usable information in hand that includes:

  • Fish Density and distribution by depth strata or distance along transect
  • Size (TS) distribution
  • Total count of all fish detected

VisAcq AutoTrack includes a handy re-processing utility for previously collected files, so you can analyze archived DT-X data you haven’t had time to process. Conventional processing methods can take many hours of valuable time, so just imagine how much time VisAcq AutoTrack can save! To learn more, watch the VisAcq AutoTrack tutorial.

What Else is New in Visual Acquisition 6.2?

  • Motor Control Module for fixed location deployments using integrated pan and tilt motor(s); program sweep, scan, or tilt in any direction to increase coverage area
  • External trigger input tool for MX Echosounder
  • Map Display for playback of files shows ship track from DGPS data
  • Improved Bullseye options to rotate the chart and view in proper orientation with arrow indicators showing +x and +y directions
  • Memory function remembers windows were open and reopens those windows when launched
  • File Utilities for splitting a batch of files at once and exporting raw ping samples
  • Many new CSV output options
  • Improved Echo Summary Report export buttons for histogram and echo data
  • Reanalyze option for analyzing contiguous RTPX files together
  • Click track row or chart echo to zoom echogram on track
  • And much, much  more…

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