VisAcq AutoTrack is Here!


Try VisAcq AutoTrack on your next survey.


BioSonics VisAcq Autotrack Brochure_Page_1

With VisAcq AutoTrack you can automatically:

  • Build fish track lists
  • Calculate fish density by depth strata
  • Measure fish distribution over distance/time
  • Determine fish sizing (TS) distribution

Watch the BioSonics VisAcq AutoTrack Tutorial!

Software Features:

VisAcq AutoTrackAnalysis software for fisheries hydroacoustic data

  • Results are immediately available as CSV files
  • Automatically create echo lists, track lists, and summary reports
  • Reprocessing utility for archived data – Analyzes multiple files in just minutes
  • Compatible with any DT4 files

BioSonics VisAcq Autotrack Brochure_Page_2

Please contact us directly with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.




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