Free Visual Habitat Webinar!


You’re invited to An Informative Webinar Titled:

Intro to Visual Habitat Aquatic Habitat Assessment and Mapping System

Who: Anyone interest in aquatic habitat assessment and mapping

What: A 45-minute session demonstrating the features of Visual Habitat software with step-by-step instructions for processing hydroacoustic data collected with a BioSonics DTX or MX Echosounder. See how quick and easy it is to generate maps with data layers that include; bathymetry, plant height, plant % coverage, and substrate type. Learn how to export KML files in just minutes and view results with Google Earth. Please join us and see for yourself Visual Habitat is USER-FRIENDLY and EASY TO LEARN!

Why: The information is invaluable, attendance is free, and you can attend in the comfort of your own office!

When: April 21st

Where: Your desk

How: Reply via email to receive your meeting invitation and access code. Please note that attendance is limited and will be available on first come basis. RSVP now to confirm your seat. 

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing information about this exciting new system for the assessment and mapping of SAV, bathymetry, and substrate classification. We hope you can join us on April 21st.

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